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Japanese companies are different with respect to the decision making process. Without understanding the procedures, it will be difficult to successfully promote your technology to these companies. At Cosy we guide and assist you in entering the Japanese market.

We work hard provide the best solutions for you. Our products and services are specially tailored and built to optimally support your product and working environment. We will become your single point of contact all things related to your product in the Japanese market. 

The COSY Consulting Process

You want to offer to the Japanese market, but you don’t know how.

We consult with you and determine if your technology will fit into the industry in Japan, so we will give you the tools and information to make the decision if entering the Japanese market is right for you.

We introduce your technology to Japanese device makers or manufacturing companies based on what would be best fit for your product.

If your technology fits well thus begins our partnership.

It’s not simple to enter Japan’s market and build your business here so to solve your problems we can offer you some services that can be adjusted based on your business background, targets and goals to build your business here. 

If you need some software to help with office management and that is also the right fit for any device, we can collaborate with our partners overseas and provide the right software that will improve your workplace.


Business Consulting Services

Our business planning service is developed to identify the key success factors of entering the Japanese market with your product. This is essential in finding the most suitable Japanese OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) for your technology.

Software or Technology Localization

In order to succeed new software and technologies have to be adjusted to meet the market demand. It is our specialty to adjust and localize foreign software so that they match the Japanese market.

Market Research Services

We understand the Japanese market structure well and we know who your competitors are in the technology sector. We provide you with the correct market research reports to ensure that your organization makes the best decision before entering the market.

Business Coordination Services

We provide professional interpretation and business documentation service in English, to help you meet with your Japanese OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). Ensuring a smooth process for both parties.

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