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Contribute to global reforestation in easy way, PrintReleaf technology will calculate your paper footprint one print job at a time 

Reforestation With PrintReleaf

Printreleaf is a technology platform which help reforestation globally by counting your print footprint and convert it into the number of trees. Printreleaf will give you certification which empowers your organization contribution to global environmental sustainability.

How PrintReleaf works?


PrintReleaf integrates with your current printing system in your organization and automatically measures your paper consumption

Based on your paper footprint, PrintReleaf will reverse convert to the exact number of trees.  

Your printing footprint will give contribution to global environment sustainability, and you can choose which reforestation project around the globe. 

The Benefits

Contribution to Reforestation 

Reforestation provides environmental and ecological restoration where the planet needs it most.

Cloud-based Platform for Optimum Automation

PrintReleaf's innovative patented technology and engaging user experience is the first of its kind.

Certification and CSR programs

Third-party certification, verification, and auditing performed by our certifying body, SGS International.

Recognition and Positive Impact to The Society

Reforestation projects provide new jobs to uplift communities and local economies where we plant trees

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