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Remote working and enable secure printing

COVID-19 pushes everyone for social distancing, including introducing a new normal: working from home. A common conception for printing activities during working from home will be decreasing. But is that true? For the legal works, the print out of documents is still necessary as it ever be. Sure, the employees can print from their printer at home, but it also created other risks such as information leaks and data breach. While this pandemic already brings a lot of problems, we don't want another security problem. PaperCut, always put the print security as the main features of their software. PaperCut has a full set of features that can help to increase the security of your organization's print activities. With the print secure release, users can print their job securely, avoid the unattended print job, and decrease significantly the risk of data leaking. PaperCut has a full set of features that can protect organizations to secure their print lifecycle and improve print security. Interested? Check on our product page or peek PaperCut' awesome features on their website.

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