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Printix enables customers to move their print infrastructure to the cloud
and remove print servers

Printix, Secure Cloud Print Management

Printix is a cloud-based print management as a service solution (SaaS). It enables customers to move their print infrastructure to the cloud and remove print servers. IT administrators can control, monitor and manage printing, to make the most of their printing resources, including time-consuming IT admins tasks and helpdesk support. Printix includes convenient and secure printing features. 

How Printix works

Printix installed within your system. Printix will discover every printer driver that available within the network and automatically add it to Printix's print queue.

Deploy Printix client to client PCs in your organization. Then it will automatically copy the print queue that registered on Printix.

Now every client can print within the network without print server, thanks to Printix.


Top Reasons to Install Printix 

Ensure Document Security

Printix encrypt your documents and keep it secure, without leaving your network. Your documents security are guaranteed and protected on your local network.

Optimize Cloud Infrastructure

Customers can eliminate print server and fully migrate to cloud system. Printix will automated organizations' printing activities in the cloud. 

Integration with Microsoft and Google

Printix's Azure AD and G Suite integrations allow further access and control features to deploy, control and manage your print environment in concert with Printix

Central Management

Printix can solve problem when you have multiple office branches and want to manage all printing activities without giving additional works to your system admin.  You can centrally manage your printer and users through web admin interface. 

Vendor Agnostic

Support multiple print queues, per printer (all makes & models) with user default configuration maintained, Printix is a simple to deploy Enterprise grade application.

Try Printix at your organization 

Free 1-month trial · Full feature set · No credit card required

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